Keto Diet

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Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet is among the most requested when I attend my patients in the office today. Usually the patient already comes with a pre-formed idea, based on internet articles and recommendations from celebrities and the like. Nowadays we have a lot of media influence and it is the role of the serious professional to expose the data based on scientific studies to help the population to make their choices better.

What is it and how does the diet work?
This diet imposes a drastic reduction in carbohydrates (maximum 100g and minimum 20g per day), which can have side effects such as headaches, tiredness, fatigue, for example. If the person has diabetes, high blood pressure, is pregnant or breastfeeding, this diet is not a safe indication.

The ketogenic diet was studied in patients with epilepsy and consisted of keeping these patients for several days without eating any food (complete fasting) until a state of ketosis was reached. This state is characterized by a change in energy metabolism, in which the body starts to use ketone bodies (compounds derived from fats) as an energy source, instead of using carbohydrates.

Of course, using fat as an energy source (ketone bodies) helps you lose weight because the body is forced to consume its fat stores and use them as an energy source. So the ketogenic diet started to become popular as a weight loss diet.

Is the ketogenic diet valid for everyone?
Not! In the vast majority of cases it is not applicable, it will depend on the patient, lifestyle, quality of food and habits, health condition, everything will depend on the personalized assessment made by a nutritionist. To ensure the intake of all vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants and the best choices in terms of fats. Sometimes with guidance of supplements, as foods such as cereals, legumes and fruits are practically excluded (depending on the degree of restriction) many nutrients are ingested in very small quantities.

NEVER do any diet or food restriction without guidance, you could be harming your health!
Here at the office on Harley Street, we provide the patient with exams, cutting edge technology in nutritional assessment and professionals of the highest standard to help you deal with your weight and health!

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